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About Masayo

Masayo Benoist:

Masayo was born and raised in Japan. living in LA with husband and a dog. Home studio in West Los Angeles. former actor. She loves capturing theater and dance movement and fitness.


Photo session rate (including digital proof)



A   standard : $380

   *2o min consulting via zoom

   *1hour Photo shooting.

   *3 digital data (including minor retouch)

   from over 100 images shooting proof.  


 B   full session :  $600
   half day (shooting time 3h max)

   *30 min consulting via zoom

   * multiple look (w/10 digital data)

   * from over 200 images shooting.

   *200 images of shooting proof with watermark.

    either my studio or somewhere else

    (I will ask for travel fee and set up fee)


 C  * Commercial one day $1200 for buy out.


 D  * Theater  :  start from $450 ~


 E  * Live music  : from $450 or buy images.


 F  * Photo party, Headshot party. ask Masayo


 : additional retouch  from $50~ each images

 : digital art work  $from $500 ~ 

H * VIDEO shooting         $800/half day

                                            (footage only)

 I  * VIDEO Shoot + Edit    $1500 (3 min long)

 J * VIDEO editing add   + $800/day



Liza Monjauze Productions (musical)

Lee Strusberg theater Weho Youth program.(musical)

Mari Hamada (Singer)

Vic Hennegan (musician)

Crazy Monkey Gym, (Seattle)

Dance movement: 5Rhythms Grobbal,

Adam Barley, Jo Cobbett, Lucia Horan, Christina G S, Bella Dreizier, Heeraa Sazevich, Daniella Platner...

Actors reffered by Yumi Takeda casting and Hyper media productions.

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