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Masayo's Messy Kitchen

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      Onigiri 1 : Umeboshi
      Onigiri 2 : Carrot Top Condiment
      Onigiri 3   

Appetizer :
      easy level A   Cabbage
      easy level A   Angry Cucumber

      easy level B   Chikuwa Cucumber
Soup :
       Nappa Cabbage + Pork Soup



Shopping :
      What to buy?

      Where to buy?


What to buy?

If you want to make Japanese food, you can get almost everything at your local grocery store or market. Just get seasoning at some specific store or ONLINE! Use western grocery store's food! that is great! use local for ingridents, just buy special seasoning.

Rice is easy to get at wholefoods or any of the natural store those days. just choose short grain they might say "sushi rice".

Where to buy?

in LA, we have Nijiya market which is my favorite, Mitsuwa market, Marukai market. those are Japanese Grocery store. they cover pretty much everything. just little bit more expensive than Japan. (go to local market for veggies!)

Also, if you find any natural store which is "Co-op" or "wholefoods" they might have Asian section or Macrobiotic section. famous brand is "Ohsawa" and "Eden" so you can buy something like Soy sauce, Umeboshi, dried shitake, and few kind of seaweed.


Also, you might want to look for any ASIAN grocery store like Chinese market  or Korean market. they sells Yakisoba, Udon, Soba noodles and Miso, Nori seaweed, Sashimi and so on!

       Sharpening knife


  • Regular Soy Sauce

  • Fravered (seasoned) Soy = Dashi Shoyu

  • Mentsuyu

  • Shiro - Dashi (Shira- Dashi)     

more coming soon!

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